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At Nummy we only make 100% natural and healthier alternatives to sweet treats. We strongly believe that health is wealth and our story began years ago when healthy treats were difficult to find.

Over time we developed unique recipes with no added nasties, maximum taste satisfaction and carefully selected premium ingredients. Our treats are for everyone, handmade and perfectly imperfect.

We promise the best quality. We make our treats using oats, organic coconut sugar, raw organic coconut oil, maple syrup to name a few and stay away from palm oil, refined sugars, flour and soya.

We aim to spread awareness on the importance to make better food choices. We want to encourage everyone to read labels and see what's inside our favourite tea-time snacks.


We can promise you won't find any nasties in our bakes. EVER.

No palm fat   No vegetable fat   No refined sugar  No refined flour



Our treats are available to purchase here.

Cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Our story

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