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At Nummy, we are passionate about creating only natural and healthier alternatives to sweet treats. Years ago, when searching for such options proved difficult, our story began. From then, we have developed recipes using top quality ingredients and absolutely no artificial additives, to provide maximum flavour satisfaction. Every one of our products is handmade with perfection in mind, but not perfection itself.


At Nummy, we pledge to make all of our bakes with natural and wholesome ingredients like oats, organic coconut sugar, and raw organic coconut oil, while avoiding palm oil, refined sugars, flour and soya. We hope to create a heightened sense of awareness of the importance of choosing better food options and taking a closer look at the ingredients in our beloved treats. You can trust that no harmful additives or preservatives are ever included in any of our products.

Cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Our story

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