We are here to provide you with unique, healthier sweet treats for your events, meetings or any celebrations. We offer variety of different products to suit your needs. All our creations are placed on the compostable trays made from fallen palm leaves, but if you are looking for something more elegant we are also able to provide premium experience with our marble setting.


Please see PDF to check what we have on offer.

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Fun and convenience for office employees. We are here to spoil your taste buds. With many treats to choose from you will never get bored! There is no better way to brake the work day monothony than a bit of sweetness from Nummy at your building reception!

Why not going the extra mile for your employees and enhance their hard work day with Nummy premium experience. What we offer is a variety of sweet treats made with Health and Wellbeing in mind. One of the members of 'Nummy Sweet Team' will come to your office at your chosen time and serve our creations from set Pop Up stall.

It is unique experience and something that your team will remember for a very long time.


Please contact us for more details about our bespoke packages.

For more information please email info@nummyummy.com or call (44) 75 3929 6066

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